Not everyone’s cup of tea…

My opinion: Save your time and money and book somewhere else in this price bracket..

Had some great expectations about Biyadhoo.

I already knew that after ages whithout refurbishment, the resort already dropped to the bottom of resorts in the Maldives when it comes to accomodation (Maybe only beaten by Asdu). But it is still praised by repeating customers, and I was curious enough to check it out.

It is really more like 2-star accomodation


We hired a private speedboat from the South-West of the Atoll with high expectations.. But it surely did not put up with our expectations..


I will start with some pros:

Even if the beach is narrow, the sand is very soft and consist of fine grade aragonite. If you think the sand is looking a bit brown, it is just because the sand was soaked from recent showers.

There is indeed some private spots to lounge around and its also a lush island with “jungle tracks”

The staff were friendly. and a lot of adult reef sharks in the water. But that is also the end of the good things..



Their famous reef had been hitten badly by the El Nino like most of the inner atoll reefs in the Maldives, but boats anchored right to the edge of the reefdrop and there was also a lot of garbage in the shallows. Almost no Acropora corals alive, except hardier species of the genus of Pocillopora and similar.

On land you could see (yes actually) and smell the smoke of local burning of trash giving you the “Thilafushi” feeling, and any area seemed very unkept.

There were areas with severe beach erosion. There was also a lot of sand bagging, but I never criticise this point. This is the most gentle way of keeping the beach uber soft. Sand pumping is the opposite way; keeping it nice in the short term -> but in the long term, a more coarse beach.

My advice to all of you: Stay away from this island. For about the same price or less, you can go to popular resorts like Embudu and similar.

That being said: If it is your first time to the Maldives, I am sure you will be satisfied.

The beaches are really made of soft atagonite sand



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