Next Holiday – Dhigufaru

The next resort is finally booked: This time it will be Dhigufaru.

I have been doing some research regarding this island. I thought it seemed to be a good candidate for my next holiday to the Maldives, as it seems to be a lovely island.


It does not have too many reviews yet, but the reviews are good.

Then one of the most experienced members on the Tripadvisor forums for the Maldives stated that it might be his new favourite. It has a nice shallow lagoon, but also deeper parts for swimming as well as a house reef. He also stated that the sand is talcum soft, and that he thought it is going to be a star. He has been to resorts in all price levels, and visited 9 resorts just on his recent holiday.

That was when I realized that I have to try this resort myself.


It is located on the North-West rim of the Baa atoll next to the Hani Kandu. Baa is the first “UNESCO Biosphere Reserve” in the Maldives.  It is a small new resort that opened this year, with just 40 villas: 30 beach villas and 10 semi-water villas. No endless jetty of water villas ruining the view of the beautiful lagoon.

The sand is probably very fine because the island is protected by a long reef. (Dhigufaru  actually means “a long reef”)

The villas are not huge, but they are looking good. It is a four star superior resort.


I do not know too much about the quality of the service yet.

They opened their pool bar coffee shop a week ago (a-la carte, chargeable).


The island is going to have a few different dining options.


We are staying in a semi-water villa on silver all inclusive. I will tell you my own opinion when I get there in February. It seems like a long time until then, but we all know that time flies. I’m surely looking forward to this holiday!

Until I get my own photos, I have asked the resort for permission to use the photos in this post.

I will show the header image again without text, as it is quite beautiful..


2 thoughts on “Next Holiday – Dhigufaru

  1. Looking forward to more updates on Dhigufaru Vegard and the all important resort report.

    Blog is great, please do keep it up!


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