Kudafushi Resort & Spa

Kudafushi in Raa atoll is opening in just a few weeks: Soft opening 15th of Februrary and grand opening 1st of March. Now with real photos! Take a look.


Kudafushi in Raa atoll has shared some of their real photos. Some of you have maybe seen the beach pool villas already. I will now share the finished product of the water pool villas as well!

I must admit it does look very nice. The resort is now actually one of the hot candidates for my late spring/ early summer trip.

Water Pool Villa:

Water Pool Villa – 85sqm
Beautiful thatched roofs
Private pool overlooking the mesmerizing lagoon


A beautiful bed and hardwood floors



Beach Pool Villa:

Beach Pool Villa – 92sqm 

The beach pool villa comes with a pool, which opens into a rear garden that leads to a tranquil beach on the lagoon side of the island . A few steps on the beach reveals the vista of the azure lagoon


A spacious bedroom with sitting area


Bath with outroom rainshower and bathtub


And one shower indoor as well.





The Spa:kudafushi-09_newkudafushi-10_new

The spa offers 10 treatment rooms


Experience the healing, nourishing and comforting benefits from natural products like avocado, seaweed, spices and aloe vera.



The management of the resort has given permission of use; and has provided the photos in this blog.



4 thoughts on “Kudafushi Resort & Spa

  1. Don’t be hoodwinked by all the beautiful villas etc what about the real reason we go to the Maldives, the reef and fish life ;)!

    Any insights?

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      1. Has he been yet? I have booke for April but can’t see much about the hotel at all online yet! Would love to know more!!

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