Kihaa Maldives

Kihaa Maldives will be the next upcoming resort to visit. This gem of an island has been on my list for a while, and I can’t wait to try it out myself.

Beach (2)

We have booked Kihaa for mid-March 2019; for the beauty of the island, the wonderful beach and lagoon, the dense vegetation and spacious villas. The good trend of reviews lately (compared to 2016 and 2017 before it was taken over by Coral Island Resorts), has lead me to think that the resort is going in the right direction.

Peter, the famous GM from Reethi Beach has taken over the seat as the new general manager for Kihaa this year, which makes me even more excited!

IFP (3)


There are 10 room categories at Kihaa, from the “Reserve Beach villas” which is the cheapest option (77 sqm), to the luxurious “Water Suites” (270 sqm).

We have booked 7 nights in a «Sunset Prestige Pavilion Beach Villa» 



The resort features 4 restaurants and 2 bars:

Malaafaiy Restaurant
The Loftfs
The Wine Loft
Sangu A Ala Carte 1fs
Sangu a la carte Restaurant
Undhoali Bar 2fs
Undhoali Bar
RVB (6)
Raaveriya Bar

Also they have recently opened “Hanifaru Bay Tea House” for their 2018 anniversary. During day it is a tea house, and fine dining during evenings. I do not have photos of it at the moment.

There are two pools at the resort, both with a pool bar next by:

IFP (2)MP (1)

I am really looking forward to our holiday at Kihaa; and will let you all know what I think about the resort.


Raaveriya Bar Beach 2fs


I have not been paid to make this blog post (booking was done through Magic of Maldives) and the resort management have given me permission to use the photos on my blog.




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