Kandolhu Maldives

So, after two years with several cancellations to The Maldives and The Seychelles, it is will be wonderful to finally go to a tropical island again..

Kandolhu has for many years been on my radar. I usually choose an island with a large jungle to explore, but on the other hand; it looks so tiny and so beautiful! 

We have booked a pool villa, and they look pretty with a large outdoor area. There are just 5 pool villas (30 villas in total on the island) and they are located on the sunrise side (East).

And as we are on the “Ultimate Inclusions” AI package, there is both a mini bar and a wine fridge with 30 handpicked bottles of wine included, all restocked daily.

Pool Villa
Pool Villa

Pool water villas are normally my favourite type of accommodation, but they came in above budget this time. But I do think they look very nice.

There are 5 restaurants on the island, and all are included in the AI package. At least on photos they seem to have a lovely atmosphere. But I think maybe the tiny Ata Roa is what I am looking most forward to.

Ata Roa

We will also try out the Spa. I hope their treatments are as good as the architecture and style of the building, which is very much to my taste.

And even more importantly; Kandolhu also has a close fringed reef around 60% of the island, and the rest of the reef is also reachable for decent swimmers.

From what I have understood, there are some areas on the East/ South-East side that has very good regrowth of corals. While the reef in general is reputable for good marine life, and especially for turtles. 

What I am most looking forward to, is being back on a reef. There is simply nothing like spending hours in the water, in company of beautiful creatures from the ocean.

Several other regulars I trust, have praised the island/ resort, while a few others have told me it is too expensive for what you get. 

I will do another blog post with my own photos and experience. So, if you stay tuned, I will let you know what I think.

You can also follow my blog on TripAdvisor “Anyone’s Kandolhu Blog” where others are sharing their experiences as well:


Another thing that is wonderful, is that Mrs. and Mr. Babs will join us. It will be the fifth holiday with them in the Maldives 😉

Less than two weeks now! Roll on, Kandolhu!!

I have asked Kandolhu Maldives for permission to use their photos in this post.

8 thoughts on “Kandolhu Maldives

  1. Have a wonderful time. I look forward to your impressions. Especially of what used to be one of the greatest reefs in the country. And if you get to visit a pool water villa tell me if the deck feels claustrophobic being stuck between the bathroom and the next villa… ( from photos i always wish the bedroom were in the bathroom so one could enjoy the open views from the bed. ( i use the bathroom only a few minutes a day…). Safe travels!

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  2. Wishing you a most wonderful time and looking forwards to hearing about the underwater life and how it has fared during the last few years, and whether it’s still “up there” with the best reef in all of the Maldives.

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  3. Vegard and Babs (and Mr Babs) have an amazing time! Mr D and I will be following your blogs and wishing we were with you! Our two holidays together on Konotta were the best ❤️🥂

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