Update on Reethi Faru

The first real photos of Reethi Faru is here! As promised earlier, I would give you an update when they arrived.


Deluxe Beach Villa

Deluxe Beach Villa outside
Deluxe Beach Villa exterior

Deluxe Beach Villa interior 1

Deluxe Beach Villa interior 2
Deluxe Beach Villa interior
Deluxe Beach Villa Bathroom
Open air bathroom


The beach:

A truly beautiful beach


More photos of the beach:

RFR Beach 3

RFR Beach 2


RFR Beach 4

I have not recieved any real photos of the water villas yet.

It will be very interesting to see how this resort will take shape as it finishes for opening in November!

Here are some of the rendered pictures from my last blog post of Reethi Faru. You can click to enlarge any of them,


To all of you Reethi fans that can’t wait to see more, I will let you know when I get more photos.



I have recieved the photos from the management of the resort, and have been given permission to publish them on my blog.

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