The Maldives vs. The Seychelles

After a long summer break, Maldivitis is back!

As promised, here comes the big challenge; Maldives versus Seychelles!

The big Challenge between the Maldives and the Seychelles turned out to be more diffiucult than I thought… So a thorough breakdown is surely needed to make a comparison on these two world class holiday destinations!

I am always sharing photos from the Maldives on my blog; so this time I will only share photos from the beautiful Seychelles.

Seychellene - La Digue 161ffhue.JPG

So here we go!



The sand in the Maldives is slightly more white as it does contain very little earth and is made of high grade aragonite from corals. However, you will get very soft and fine sand at both places. Some islands in the Maldives have even finer (powder talcum) sand, but the best beaches in the Seychelles does however easily compare with an average beach in the Maldives.

Winner: Maldives

Seychellene - La Digue 079fhueSeychellene - La Digue 013huef.JPG



This one is quite easy. They both have beautiful beaches, but the Seychelles (at least the large inner islands) have stunning granite boulders, topography, beautiful backdrops and wonderful islands in sight. The Seychelles are even more lush, with incredible plants that exist only there (like Coco de Mer)

Winner: Seychelles


Seychellene - La Digue 091huefSeychellene - La Digue 096huef



The Maldives easily wins this competition. There are a lot of large pelagic species in the Seychelles, also loads of large angelfish, turtles and napoleon wrasses. The Maldives are far better on most points though. Far more corals and diversity of fish species. But to be fair, I’ve only been on volcanic islands in the Seychelles. There are atoll islands like Desroches island as well.

Winner: Maldives



In the Seychelles you are getting better interaction with local culture as people live on the islands. It is a very tolerant and laidback culture. But to be fair, I’ve never stayed on a local island in the Maldives for a full holiday, and never been on a private island in the Seychelles. However, Maldivian culture is also very exciting!

Winner: Seychelles


Seychellene - La Digue 056f

Value for Money

Both destinations offer high end (world class) accomodation. However you are able to stay at great affordable chalets in the Seychelles, and able to buy local stuff at supermarkets. You can also bring your favourite wines through immigration, which save you for a lot of money, especially if you love Champagne.

Winner: Seychelles

Seychellene - La Digue 007huef.JPGSeychellene - La Digue 136huef.JPG


Environmental awareness and animal welfare:

The Maldives have come further when it comes to coral reef preservation, and respect for life in the ocean. There is more focus on sustainable development. There is however increasing focus in the Seychelles as well. That being said, both nations still have a long way to go..

Seychellene - La Digue 119f


Overall winner

Very difficult as the destinations are very different. But to put it as easily as I can: If you want snorkeling and a perfect beach right at the doorstep of your bungalow; go for the Maldives. If you love trekking through lush jungle or steep hills to find your own private paradise; go for the Seychelles. They are both in the absolute top world class amongst tropical destinations!!!

Seychellene - La Digue 141huef


3 thoughts on “The Maldives vs. The Seychelles

  1. Great review Vegard!

    I have been to both (Kihavah and all main Seychelles islands) and I only disagree with the beach assessment. I believe they are both as white and soft as each other as for me I look back at photos and both places and it depends how the sunlight hits the beach. The same beach can be blinding white or more beige. The softest sand we have ever found on the Four Seasons property on Mahe (petite anse) – literally like talcum powder i couldnt stop picking it up!

    We would opt for the Seychelles if we could go to either place again but we loved Maldives too!

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