Outrigger Konotta

Next holiday is booked for the upcoming high season! This time the trip will go to Outrigger Konotta, in the remote Gaafu Alifu atoll.

We have booked Outrigger Konotta for the upcoming high season. We have chosen an ocean pool villa on blissful all inclusive. We chose this resort for the majesty of the island, the close fringing reef with good snorkeling, tall palms, large villas (all with private pools) and the good feedbacks this island is getting. Konotta is a luxurious 5 star resort.

32_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Arrival Pavilion.jpg

I will let you all know if this resort is living up to expectations.

There will most likely be a live blog from Konotta.

5_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Ocean Pool Villa_Exterior2

I will first go through the options regarding accomodation. The Beach pool villas are the entry level villas (cheapest) together with the lagoon villa, ocean pool villa are the next step up; and finally the huge grand Konotta villa which is huge, but also most expensive.


Beach Pool Villa (211 square meters)3_Outrigger Konotta MAldives_Beach Pool Villa4_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Beach Pool Villa_2


Two Bedroom Pool Villa (230 square meters)7_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Two Bedroom Beach Pool Villa_exterior10_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Two Bedroom Beach Pool Villa_pool


Lagoon Villa (160 square meters)2_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Lagoon Villa2bis_Outigger Konotta Maldives_Lagoon Pool Villa_bedroom


Ocean Pool Villa/ Overwater Villa with Pool (225 square meters)6_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Ocean Pool Villa_Terrace6bis_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Ocean Pool Villa_living area1


Grand Konotta Villa (600 square meters)11_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Grand Konotta Villa12_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Grand Konotta Villa_pool



17_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Blue Salt restaurant
Blue Salt
17bis_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_breakfast
18_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Nala Rah restaurant
Nala Rah
19_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Beach dinner
Dinner at the Beach


Bars (there is a bar at Nala Rah as well)

17bis_Outrigger Konotta Maldives Pool Bar_1
Beach Bar
22bis_Ourtrigger Konotta Maldives_Pool Cabana
Pool bar


SPA14bis_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Navasan Spa15bis_Outrigger Konotta Maldives_Navasana Spa


I don’t know if I have ever been looking this much forward to any holiday

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The resort management have given me permission to use the photos in this blog. I am not paid to make this blog, and the holiday is booked through an English reputable agent.

One thought on “Outrigger Konotta

  1. ….and I am sooooo looking forwards to another holiday in paradise with my “Maldives Husband” !
    I am sure it will be wonderful.

    Babsi Mermaid.


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