Robinson Club Noonu Atoll

Robinson Club has opened its second resort in the Maldives; this time in Noonu atoll. Take a look!


The existing Robinson club in Gaafu Alifu has been popular for years, especially for service, the food and its house reef. Before the 2016 El Nino, it was considered to be one of the five best house reefs for corals in the country.

Robinson Club is a German brand aiming for a social club atmosphere like its French competitor Club Med. Robinson Club has managed to achieve an even better reputation in the country. It is however aiming for couples seeking privacy and seclusion as well.

There is a lot of excitement regarding their second opening, and it will be interesting to see how they will manage in the tough market of the Maldives, which is the most expensive resort destination in the world.


The resort has 3 restaurants and 2 bars, and several levels of accommodation. In this blog post we will take a closer look at the bungalows.

The three bungalow options are beach bungalows with pool on the garden side, beach bungalows with pool on the beach side; and finally water bungalows with pools.

We will first take a look at the beach bungalows. On the aerial photo below, you can see the difference between the two types of accommodation. There seems to be open view of the lagoon from the terrace on both options.



Beach bungalows – with pool on garden side (BUM 1)mn58_11417_BUM1_Strandbungalow_Garten_Poolmn58_11416_BUM1_Strandbungalow_Garten_Poolmn58_11415_BUM1_Strandbungalow_Garten_Pool


Beach bungalows – with pool on beach side (BUM 2)mn58_12201_Strandbungalow_BUM2mn58_11419_BUM2_Strandbungalow_Strand_Poolmn58_11420_BUM2_Strandbungalow_Strand_Pool


Water bungalows with pool (BUM 3)mn58_11423_BUM3_Wasserbungalow_mit_Poolmn58_11425_BUM3_Wasserbungalow_mit_Poolmn58_11421_BUM3_Wasserbungalow_mit_Pool


Presidential suite (SUM 1)mn58_11453_SUM1_Pr+ñsidentensuitemn58_11450_SUM1_Pr+ñsidentensuitemn58_11445_SUM1_Pr+ñsidentensuite


Restautants and bars

I do not have photos of all F&B outlets yet, but will add these two photos. I will update if I recieve more photos.mn98_12245_Hauptrestaurant.jpgmn58_12191_main_bar


The main pool mn58_11459_Hauptpoolmn98_12253_Hauptpool


The first Robinson in the country is famous for snorkelling and diving. I do not have too much knowledge about the house reef and close accessible dive sites yet; but judging from the photos I’ve got, it looks great!



Robinson Club Noonu Atoll has really caught my interest. Time will show if it turns up to be one of my next upcoming holidays.

The photos has been shared by the Robinson management in Germany, and I have permission to use them on my site. I am however not paid to make this blog post.



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