Rihiveli The Dream

This is a true love story! 50% of the ownership now belongs to 49 repeating visitors and friends taking Rihiveli back to its roots; in an eco friendly way!

The Maldives is quite a different destination in comparison to what it used to be when the first resorts opened for tourism in the early 70s.

A lot of people love the high end luxury that many of the resorts are offering today. However, a lot of people still dream about how it used to be, and are longing back to the origins.

If you belong to the “Maldivian purists” this story will make you happy!


The license to operate Rihiveli was granted this year by the Maldivian Ministry of Tourism to the company “Save the Dream Maldives”.

So who are they?

Save The Dream Maldives is a company owned by:

– 50% by Mahal Tours (owner of the island since 1979.

– and 50% by Save The Dream (a French company owned by 49 partners incl. 37 who have been followers of Rihiveli for many years and 12 of their friends).


The Save the Dream concept is based on the following key principles:

– Respect of the environment, its fauna and flora, the island and the two islets. Rest assured that no new construction will come to denature these places.

– Respect for employees and their cultures. They want long-term and loyal employees. Out of 100 employees, only a few (5) did not engage in the project or did not respect certain fundamental ethical standards.

– Conviviality, activities, entertainment, well-being, tranquillity and harmony.

– Honesty at all levels.


Rihiveli, silver sand in Dhivehi, is a famous island in the Maldives. It has been known for its stunning lagoon, its 2 virgin islets (which you can go to) and a true haven for dolphins.

Its a no news, no shoes island where you can get away from the busy life back home.

The island is located in the Kaafu South Male Atoll, a 50-minute speed boat ride from the airport.

The resort has 48 bungalows and you can choose amongst:

  • Standard Bungalows (22 m², max 2 adults)
  • Deluxe Bungalows (32 m², max 3 adults) + extra outdoor shower

In accordance to stay faithful to its philosophy, there is no aircondition in the rooms, but all rooms are equipped with fans.


There is one restaurant (The lagoon) and one bar (The setting sun).

Meals are made from fresh ingredients and water is produced locally on the island. They also offer outdoor dining.



A few words from the Concept Director :

“Our idea of luxury is simplicity and authenticity. Our mission is to protect this paradise, this magical, unique place, and make it accessible to all those who share these values to make it a place … even more … WONDERFUL”

“Whether we are Maldivians, Swiss, or French matters less than the fact that we all share the basic values of “Rihiveli The Dream”: Passion, Honesty and Respect”


Can a person like myself; from cold Norway stay at a resort with no aircondition? I dont know, but honestly I’ve never tried. I am however absolutely in love with the love story which has taken place on Rihiveli, and I am tempted to try it out.


I have been given permission by the island to share the photos in my blog; and I am not paid to do this blog post.

The resort homepage address has changed:



4 thoughts on “Rihiveli The Dream

  1. rihiveli…. been 4 times now, first time in 1994…..and it will always be the island that symbolises the maldives for me…. even if Aaavee has now supplanted it it as my “go to ” island because it offers a few more of the elements that constitute a full maldivian stay… and because that one seawall is growing at rihiveli (now fully closing in my favourite beach) as is the artificial resort being built just behind the desert islands…. so sad….

    Liked by 1 person

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