aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise

Have you ever been dreaming about a true Robinson Crusoe experience?  

Did you think aaaVeee closed down due to being sold, and was about to add a bunch of water villas and more bungalows on land? Well, so did I! However, the deal fell through!


Dhoores island can be reached by a 40 minutes seaplane ride from Male; where you will be lost instantly in the beautiful nature of the island. The majority of the island has been kept untouched to provide the guests to be up close and personal with a typical island paradise in The Maldives.



aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise features only 33 Maldivian style eco-bungalows, built of local coconut timber from the island. The remaining coconut palms are kept untouched, and you might have a coconut tree growing inside your bungalow!

You can choose between 3 types of accommodation:

  • 16 Kotari deck villas
  • 13 Goathi beach villas
  • 4 Kotari Kolhu suites

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There are 2 restaurants, The main restaurant (buffet) and one a la care restaurant.

The main restaurant:

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In addition to this, you can also dine on the beach for a barbeque. The Maldives is surely the right place to enjoy an al fresco experience.


There are also 2 bars, the main bar and the beach bar:



The beach bar:



One other nice aspect at Dhoores island, is the several decks where you can indulge away from everyone else, in the jungle, on the beach or above water.



Not everyone can afford an eco-friendly getaway at Soneva Fushi, but finally there is a more affordable choice for those not being rich or famous. Of course, aaaVeee can not be compared in terms of luxury, but it actually has less than half the number of villas. So the real luxury of aaaVeee, is being able to enjoy the wonderful island Dhoores; almost by yourself!


I have been given permission by the resort management to use the photos, and (in difference to most bloggers) I am not paid to make this blog post. Thank you for sending the beautiful photos to

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