Nautilus Maldives

Nautilus Maldives is soon due to open. Its sister resort Milaidhoo is already getting wonderful reviews amongst seasoned travellers to the Maldives. Can its younger sister match it?


Thiladhoo photoshoot.


The Nautilus Maldives is a new resort in the luxury segment and will open its doors in January.

It is located on a small and beautiful island in the UNESCO Biosphere Baa atoll, and can be reached by a 40-minute scenic flight by seaplane from Velana International Airport. If you know the atoll well, it is located between Reethi Beach and Milaidhoo.

The resort consist of 26 beach and water villas, it has 3 restaurants, 2 bars and an overwater spa. Take a look at the resort map below.


The Nautilus Maldives ISLAND MAP


Even the entry level villas are huge (280 sqm.) they all have a private pool, and the interior of all the villas are really beautifully designed. The beach villas have uninterrupted view of the wonderful beach and lagoon. We will now take a look at the different villa categories which you can choose from. First we will start off with the beach houses in increasing size/ price, followed by the ocean houses.

It is worth to mention that I do not have any photos of the one-bedroom ocean residences, the blog will be updated if I get them.


One bedroom Beach House (280 sqm)The Nautilus Maldives beach house exterior (3) pool r1920The Nautilus Maldives beach house interior from living room r1920The Nautilus Maldives rendering beach house bathroom r1920



One-bedroom Beach Residence (400 sqm)The Nautilus Maldives Beach Residence (3) exterior r1920The Nautilus Maldives Beach Residence (9) upstairs bedroom r1920The Nautilus Maldives Beach Residence (7) interior downstairs r1920



Two-bedroom Beach Residence (545 sqm)F_Thiladhoo-B2_2BR-BeachResidence r1920



The Nautilus Retreat (Three-bedroom)F_Thiladhoo-B2_3BR-BeachResidence r1920



One-bedroom Ocean House (252 sqm)The Nautilus Maldives Ocean House (2) r1920The Nautilus Maldives Ocean House (6) r1920The Nautilus Maldives Ocean House (8) r1920The Nautilus Maldives Ocean House (10) 1920r



Two-bedroom Ocean Residence (472 sqm)F_Thiladhoo-B2_2BR-OceanResidence_Facade r1920


I guess you are curious about the floorplans as well.. Here they are!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



As already mentioned, there are 3 restaurants and 2 bars, so there should be enough options for a longer stay. Breakfast can be taken anytime, anywhere. Lets take a look at the dining outlets on the island:

Thyme – Main RestaurantThyme all day dining -The Nautilus Maldives rendering restaurant all day dining r1920



Ocaso – The GrillOcago the grill - The Nautilus Maldives rendering restaurant the grill r1920


Zaytoun – Fine Dining RestaurantZautoun fine dining - F_Thiladhoo-B2_MediterraneanRestaurant r1920


Pool BarThe Nautilus Maldives rendering restaurant pool bar interior r1920The Nautilus Maldives rendering pool r1920


For anyone like me, spending a lot of time underwater; there is also a housereef. The photos are taken at the house reef dive sites. The coral reefs in the Maldives was hit by the global bleaching event in 2016 (The El Nino), but the fish life is still excellent. The corals have luckily started to grow back.



It will be very interesting to see how Nautilus will perform in the toughest luxury market in the world. However, like Milaidhoo; I believe it will do it very well. To be honest, I do think it can match its already popular sister. It should have some time to settle, but I am certainly looking forward to reading reviews from visitors as soon as it opens.

I really hope to be there one day.. What can I say, it does look great.

Finally, here is the new video of Milaidhoo. It is very nicely done!!

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