Carpe Diem Beach Resort & Spa

Carpe Diem Beach Resort & Spa is a beautiful new resort in the Raa atoll with a social vibe. Take a look!


CarpeDiem_IslandAndBeach res


The resort is located in the South corner of Raa atoll next to the Hani Kandu (channel). You can reach the resort by a 35- minute seaplane journey with breath taking views of coral reefs and atolls, or by a combined 45-minute domestic flight and speedboat.

Carpe Diem Maldives Pvt. Ltd. Is already a known company in the country. Over the last ten years they have managed to build up a successful brand in the luxury live aboard market, and now have three live aboard boats, after acquiring the third boat in March 2016.

It will be a social resort, where likeminded travellers can meet and experience the white sand, beautiful lagoon, a local house reef and lots of activities together.

The resort will also have an environmentally friendly profile to reduce its global footprint, through a clear policy on providing all guests with reusable water bottles, recycling, energy-conservation and reusing waste water for watering plants. 

Their “Rescue a reef” CSR programme will also contribute to protecting and restoring the health of coral reefs and marine life in the Maldives.

The resort will offer 116 villas, 90 above water and 26 on the beach. What is special with this resort, is that they also offer solo traveller water pool villas. So if you think you have finally found a resort where solo travellers are welcome and a room choice to tailor your needs, you have! This is also a good option for friends sharing a villa together (twin beds), and there will be no single supplement for solo travellers.


Ocean Beach Pool VillasCarpeDiem_OceanBeachPoolVilla_BeachAerial resCarpeDiem_Ocean-Beach-Pool-Villa_Bathtub res



Lagoon Beach Pool VillasCarpeDiem_Lagoon-Beach-Pool-Villa_Beachfront resCarpeDiem_Lagoon-Beach-Pool-Villa-bedroom-view res



Two bedroom Ocean beach Pool VillasCarpeDiem_TwoBedroom-Ocean-Beach-Pool-Villa_Location resCarpeDiem_TwoBedroomOcean-Beach-Pool-Villa_MasterBathroom_Night res



Two Bedroom Lagoon Beach Pool VillasCarpeDiem_BeachVilla_Twin_Deck-2 resCarpeDiem_Beachvilla_ThreeBedSetup-3 res



Lagoon Water Pool VillasCarpeDiem_Lagoon-Water-Pool-Villa-AerialCarpeDiem_Watervilla-bedroom resCarpeDiem_Watervilla-bathtub res



Ocean Water Pool VillasCarpeDiem_Ocean-Water-Pool-Villa-deck resCarpeDiem_Ocean-Water-Pool-Villa-livingarea res



Solo Traveller Water Pool VillasCarpeDiem_Twinbed-Water-Pool-villa-Bedroom resCarpeDiem_VanityArea res



Two Bedroom Lagoon Water Pool VillasCarpeDiem_TwoBedroom-Water-Pool-Villa_Deck-relaxation resCarpeDiem_twoBedroom-Lagoon-Water-Pool-Villa_Deck-Aerial res


There will be a total of four dining outlets. Two of them, the “Anthias” and “Buena Vista Club” will also function as a bar, and the latter will be the main hub for social events where you can meet like-minded people.





AcroporaCarpeDiem_Acroporate dining_evening res



Buena VistaBuena Vista Nighttime



QUO Spa is a combined contemporary Hammam (Turkish bath) and Spa, which offers a selection of treatments like aromatherapy, body wraps and specialized treatment packages, there is even one designed for divers.CarpeDiem_QuoSpa_IslandAerial resCarpeDiem_QuoSpa-Hammam-Plinthonly res



On a few occasions I have travelled as a solo to the Maldives. This resort has just moved on top of my list for such a holiday, I don’t know any resorts in the country that offers overwater pool villas with no single supplement!  I really hope that this resort will stay that way, so I can experience a social resort, with onsite snorkelling. As it is located next to the Hani Kandu, I also think there will be a lot of marine life on the house reef.

Carpe Diem Maldives; thanks a lot for sending me all the lovely photos. I hope to see your resort one day.

CarpeDiem_Lagoon-beach-island-aerial res

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