Next Holiday – Reethi Faru

I am going to Reethi Faru in the Raa Atoll in March!


DJI_0010 (3)rs


I have booked Reethi Faru for my next holiday.

The reasons I have chosen Reethi Faru this time are many. It is a lush and beautiful island, and the gardening team have been working hard to making it even more beautiful. It also has beautiful beaches and a large coral reef to explore.

Another important reason is its eco-friendly profile, where they have done a lot to reduce its carbon footprint and negative impact on the marine and terrestrial environment. Some of the actions they have taken to achieve this are: Using solar energy, minimizing the use of plastics (like using paper straws and house produced water in glass bottles), marine conservation and producing biogas from organic waste.


DSC_1764 resDJI_0081 res


It is under two months until departure and I am really looking forward to this holiday. The countdown has started. I am going to make a live blog from the island, so I will let you know what I think. Stay tuned for updates!


Aerial - pool side resMain image res


Roll on March!!

Aerial - WV side rs

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